How to add a payment method to AdSense and verify your bank account

Getting your first money from AdSense as a new blogger can be one of the most exciting things you do in your life. You need to add a primary payment method to your AdSense account and verify your bank account before you can get your money. This step is a little tricky, so make sure you pay attention.

Creating a blog that makes money takes a lot of work and constant effort. When Google sends you your first real payment, it shows that you have made a valuable and useful website. Even if the money you make from AdSense isn't that much at first, it's still something to be proud of.

To get paid, you will need to make at least $100. Then, you need to set up a payment method in your AdSense account so that the money can be sent automatically to your bank account.

First, make sure you can prove who you are!

After you've gone through the step of verifying your identity, you'll be able to add a payment method to AdSense. In the last article, we talked at length about this issue. If you don't know about AdSense identity verification, read that article and then come back here.

Basically, you need to make your first $10 in AdSense before you can go through the process of verifying your identity. Once you're done, you'll have to wait for your AdSense PIN and can also add a payment method.

To add a payment method in AdSense, you don't have to do the PIN verification. I, on the other hand, finished the PIN verification first and then added the payment method. I did it in the right order to keep things clear.

You haven't finished the AdSense identity verification process, so you can't add a payment method.

Anyone can add and verify a bank account at any time, so there's no need to rush through the steps. If you haven't verified your identity with AdSense, you won't be able to add a payment method.

Adding a method of payment to AdSense

If you've done all of the above, you can now start adding payment methods. First, go to your AdSense account and then click Payments in the sidebar on the left.

Then, under the information about how much you make, you'll see how you get paid. Then click the ADD PAYMENT METHOD button.

You can add payment method in AdSense.

After you click "Add Payment Methods," you can type in your name, pick your bank, and type in your account number. Your first method of payment will be the main one. You can add other bank accounts later.

Make sure that the name you enter exactly matches the name on your bank account.

After that, you can choose your bank. AdSense will give you a list of all the banks that are accepted in your country. You can then choose the right one. If your bank isn't on the list, don't worry. You can just open a new account at a different bank that AdSense recognises.

Then you'll need to enter your account number. Check to see if it is right. Then make it your main method. Once you've filled in all the correct information, click "Save."

Type in the right information about your bank.

Check up on your bank account.

After you add a payment method and click "Save," you will get a message telling you that AdSense will deposit less than $1 (or less than Rp1,000 if you are Indonesian) into your bank account. In other words, Google will put a small amount of money into your bank account. Click GOT IT to get rid of the message.

Google will sent you a test deposit.

The little bit of money is a test deposit. So, your money will go to your bank account the right way.

Then, when you go back to Payments, you'll see a red message that says "You haven't finished the verification process for Bank account *****." You'll also see a button that says "VERIFY NOW." After you get the small deposit, you can click the button and finish your bank account verification.

Don't try to check your bank at random, you have to wait until the deposit. If you try to log in three times and fail, your account may be locked and you'll have to contact AdSense, which can be a pain.

The process could take a while. You will have to wait between 2 and 5 days for Google to send you the small deposit.

After two days, go to your bank and ask the teller to look for information about the transfer. Don't forget to bring your bank book. You can also do it at an ATM, though the settings may be different depending on your bank and country. If Google hasn't sent you a deposit yet, try again the next day, and so on.

Depending on where your bank is located, the test deposit will show up in your account.

Google AdSense Payment

For example, you might get $0.123. This deposit probably came from Google. Please note that the amount of deposit is completely random, just like your AdSense PIN.

After Google sends you a small deposit, put the amount into your AdSense account. In the Payments section, click the VERIFY NOW button. Then choose the right deposit amount.

After you get Google's test deposit, check your bank account.

In my case, I got $0.58 from Google. So I choose that number. Again, the amount of the deposit is chosen at random, so everyone will get a different amount.

Be sure you choose the right deposit. Then, pick "VERIFY." Again, you only get 3 chances, so you have to be sure you pick the right Google's deposit.

Choose the right deposit.

If you were able to verify your bank, the red message will go away and your payment will no longer be pending.

Now that your AdSense account is fully set up, you can get paid when your earnings reach $100.

What if Google doesn't send you any money?

Not everywhere in the country needs to do this. You won't have to do the test deposit verification if you live in Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Romania, or South Africa.

If you don't live in one of those countries and Google hasn't sent you any money yet, try waiting 5 more days. There might be a little bit of a wait. You should also keep calling your bank and asking if Google can send you small amounts of money.

Verification of bank account for AdSense payment went well.

If, after 10 business days, your bank still says that Google hasn't sent you any money, it's likely that you put in the wrong bank, account number, or name in your AdSense payment methods.

Don't worry if you typed in the wrong information; it's easy to fix. Go to your AdSense account and add a payment method with the right information. Don't forget to make it the main one. Google will put the small deposit into the right bank account you gave them. Then you can get rid of the wrong way of paying.